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Update on: 11-01-2021

THIS IS IMPORTANT LEGAL INFORMATION THAT GOVERNS YOUR AGREEMENT AND SERVICES. This Advertising Agreement (“Agreement”) is made as per the fully executed agreement, these terms and conditions and starting date (“Effective Date”) by and between Skyloov Digital Solutions, a company incorporated under the laws of the DMCC Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates with registered address Unit No: 3O-01 BA846, Jewellery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the individual/partnership/company/organization/entity whose particulars are set forth in Article I below (“Client”) for the purpose of advertising and marketing services on Company web sites and portals (“Services”) within the agreed period and service type as set out in Article II below (“Service Term”) upon payment of the security deposit and service fee set out in Article III below (“Payment”) and upon full agreement to the Terms and Conditions set out in Article IV (“Terms & Conditions”).


Effectively, This Agreement after having been signed and stamped by the Client will take effect as a binding contract only upon formal acceptance and signing of the same by the Company. The company’s acceptance of this Agreement is limited only to the services expressly specified in and governed only by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.



The Client shall be as per the particulars identified and listed on the signature page of the Advertising Agreement.



The Client shall receive the Services from the Starting Date to the Ending Date, Agreement Term, and for the particular services as identified on the signature page of the Advertising Agreement. The Client shall be as identified and listed on the signature page of the Advertising Agreement.



The Client shall have the Payment Frequency, Refundable Security Deposit, Monthly Service Fee, VAT and Agreement Total as identified on the Advertising Agreement. The Agreement Total is subject to change based on actual service and assessment of any additional term, services and or fees. Early termination of Agreement by Client is subject to a one-month fee, loss of security deposit, and or another fee’s as may be applicable under this agreement. Prepayment of any service or term for service is non-refundable.



The Company reserves the right to charge Value Added Tax (VAT) as per UAE regulations from January 1, 2018, for any services that will be provided after this date. This is in line with the Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2018. This additional tax will be added to the agreement and or invoice value and all charges agreed under the terms of this agreement shall be deemed to be the VAT exclusive price. All VAT will be invoiced under Company registered TRN.